I am an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at New Mexico State University. I am a quantitative psychologist by training, although the majority of my work falls within the domains of statistics, data science, and audio algorithm and interface design. I am currently the Principal Investigator on an NIH grant entitled Attention-Guided Speech Enhancement for Hearing Impaired Listeners. The project is focused on the development of an auditory device to improve the user's auditory spatial selectivity. I have developed an auditory source separation algorithm that amplifies sounds coming from any specified direction. I am working to pair this with eye tracking hardware to allow the user to hear whatever they are looking at. Usability testing is currently underway with both normal and hearing-impaired users.

Current projects in my lab:

  • Creation, prototyping, and usability testing of an auditory assistive device that amplifies sounds coming from the direction of the user’s eye gaze
  • Development and evaluation of a sound source separation algorithm
  • Using eye gaze as an indicator of auditory spatial attention
  • Adaptive auditory warnings for smart vehicle interfaces
  • Using haptic systems to complement auditory perception
  • Using trans-Cranial Direct Stimulation (tDCS) to enhance auditory perception
  • Development and evaluation of an algorithm to provide approximate solutions to the set cover problem in combinatorics